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French lessons

French courses at the Berlitz language school – individual and group lessons

Do you aspire to learn French perfectly? By means of the specially developed Berlitz® method, we will teach you to speak French fluently. Irrespective of whether you need French for business meetings at work, on vacation or you just want to brush up or expand your present knowledge.

Customized French courses

Whatever your reasons for studying the French language, we will tailor the courses precisely to your needs, in terms of the lesson topics, vocabulary, even the number of lessons in the course.

What courses are offered by the Berlitz® language school?

  • Corporate French courses

    The Berlitz language school offers French courses precisely adapted to employees and managers according to employer's requirements. The content of a French course is always possible to adjust according to your company's line of business.

  • Online and telephone French courses

    Thanks to virtual French courses you can learn French practically anywhere and anytime.

Where can you study French?

The Berlitz language school in Prague and Brno offer private French courses, as well as group French courses. French lessons can take place in class, at your home, at work, but also online or over the phone.

French courses with the Berlitz® method:

  • the method expands the ability to react promptly and communicate in French
  • French lessons are always led by a native speaker & experienced teacher
  • place great importance on active participation in French courses. The objective is to speak and think French.
  • setting up an individual course plan and content change brings the course plan closer to your needs.
  • the choice of many French courses, the option of an individual course schedule.

Have French lessons at the Berlitz language school captured your attention?

In case you have any questions or would like a price quote for a French course, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you select the most suitable type of course or tailor a French course to you. If you are not certain of your level of French knowledge, we will give you a free placement test and recommend a French course accordingly.

French courses Prague

French courses in Prague take place at Palác Archa, Na Poříčí 26, but private French lessons can also be held at your home or office. We will gladly inform you over the phone about the regularly scheduled courses at 273 136 015 or you can contact us by using the contact form.

French courses Brno

French lessons in Brno are in the form of private lessons at the clients’ homes or companies. Prices of French courses are available over the phone at 736 627 262.