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Czech courses for foreigners

Are you interested in Czech lessons for foreigners because you have moved to the Czech Republic and you are not able to speak Czech? Do you need to learn Czech so that you can apply for Czech citizenship or asylum? Whatever your motives are, the solution is Czech lessons for foreigners at Berlitz language school.

Private and company Czech courses for foreigners

  • Private Czech lessons for foreigners

    Czech for foreigners using the Berlitz method is the most effective way to learn how to speak Czech within a few weeks or months. The pace of the Czech lesson is up to you. Berlitz language centre offers intensive Czech courses for foreigners customised to the needs of the client.

  • Company Czech lessons for foreigners

    Are you a foreign company which does business with Czech firms and would like your employees and managers to learn Czech? Company Czech lessons for foreigners are designed just for you. Czech lessons for foreigners can take place on your company premises or at our language centre in Prague. The subject of the lessons can be general Czech as well as specialised Czech for business contact, professional Czech, or conversation needed in the management and operation of the company. We prepare the course content according to the needs of you company.

  • Online Czech courses for foreigners

    You do not want to go to a language school? With online Czech courses for foreigners you can learn Czech when and where you want! All you need is an internet connection and a desire to learn Czech.

Czech lessons for foreigners using the Berlitz method

Language teaching using the Berlitz method is specific in the way that Czech lessons are completely customised to your needs. Czech lessons take place with native speakers only in Czech and the lesson topics are selected according to the situations in which you want and need to use Czech.

Do you want to attend a Czech course for foreigners?

Czech for foreigners is taught at Berlitz language school, Prague in Palac Archa, na Porici 26. You don’t have time to go to a language school? Never mind! Arrange a private Czech lesson at your home or work at a time that suits you best or try online Czech courses for foreigners! Contact us! We will give you the details that might interest you including prices of Czech courses for foreigners.