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Just because we are delighted to receive them.

Jana Macková, Assistant to General Manager, Beiersdorf spol. s r.o. (February 2012)

Our choice of the Berlitz School of Languages was based on its specialization in Business English and its offer of narrowly profiled Business themes. Also, we got interested in the Berlitz method which enables our staff to use the language in real-life situations and in situations at work. As a training coordinator, I appreciate our very pleasant cooperation with Berlitz and their flexibility that proved for example when Berlitz satisfied in no time our need of a different type of instructor for a group of students. All Berlitz instructors have wide experience and their classes are on a high level.

David Halámek, Bosch Rexroth Brno (July 2010)

Upon the recommendations of my colleagues, my choice for an intensive study of English was the language center Berlitz. I was impressed by the pleasant atmosphere and the staff there. I liked the set pace of lessons and, in particular, their quality - conversation harmoniously combined with grammar. The price of the course was higher, but it was worth the service provided. In Berlitz, one can meet his individual needs.


 Ing. Jan Kudera, general manager, Cash Reform Group s.r.o.

I studied English twice at the language school Berlitz, so I am one of the students who repeatedly use this school for language tuition on a long-term basis. Personally, I prefer an individual tuition as it is quite intensive and involves a free choice of tutor. My choice was Berlitz and I recommend it to all as it is the best. That is the conclusion of my personal experience gained at home and abroad. I have studied at several language schools, but I appreciate Berlitz for personal approach, the quality and choice of foreign tutors and the services for students. Moreover, Berlitz enjoys a good reputation from employers, particularly from those abroad. With Berlitz, I have achieved the biggest progress in my knowledge of English.


Josef Sedlák, Manager of Economics and Commerce, ČEZ

Dear friends of foreign languages,

On the occasion of starting the third year of my language study at the Berlitz branch of Brno I want to express my thanks for the knowledge you "poured into my head" over the last two years.In particular I appreciate the way you did it. While studying at your school I met more than ten different tutors. These tutors, men and women, younger and older ones, come from different parts of the world. However, in some points they are very similar to each other - they are eager to teach, optimistic and are creating the environment stimulating the joy of work. At the out-of-the-lesson times, those who assume the task of creating the positive atmosphere are other Berlitz workers headed by the ever-smiling director. I wish Berlitz would continue prospering and have in all of its branches all over the world such people like the ones in Brno.


Ing. Miroslav Červený, CIO, ASA spol s r.o.

I would hereby like to give my thanks to the whole Berlitz team for quite extraordinary and individual approach I enjoyed when intensively studying at your school. Based on this very positive experience I decided to continue studying with Berlitz. Surely I will recommend Berlitz to my colleagues. Thanks once again.


Ing. Pavel Kotol

Let me say a word of your work with children. My experience in this field is very positive as my son attends your courses and also your summer language camps. The quality and personal approach to children is proved by the fact that my son likes studying at your school and always looks forward to it. Now, when Europe and the whole world is open, your work is even more important and meaningful as both junior and senior students are motivated to master foreign languages as well as they can. And I think that you are fulfilling this task very well. I wish you the best of luck and, in particular, a lot of happy students.


Denisa Schneebaumová, Mann+Hummel

I attended a three-day individual English course for beginners. As I had been to several of such courses before, I already mastered some vocabulary. Therefore, the lessons suited me all right - I revived all the knowledge I had once gained and, in particular, I communicated! One is really forced there to speak! I consider this a splendid start-up of a new language study, provided one has already achieved some basics. And, most importantly, a student can prove for himself that he can communicate in a new language.


Veronika Hnízdilová, Magnum Parket a.s.

 Let me evaluate in brief the effectiveness of language teaching in our company. English and German courses you have been providing for us for a long time have been firmly integrated in the company's affairs. These courses are attended by most of the workers who communicate at work with their partners abroad. It is my feeling, and not only, that my contacts with customers from all over the world are now freer. Such feeling follows from my adaptation to native speakers' pronunciation, improved self-confidence in the use of grammar and generally encouraging experience from the course. The positive aspect was alteration of tutors, which makes courses more various and interesting. We hereby want to thank all the teachers for their helpfulness towards all students and for their patience with them. We also want to thank you for the global organization of the courses and for your permanent willingness in meeting our sometimes difficult requests.


Mr. Muller, Miele Technika s.r.o.

I would like to recommend the intensive program Total Immersion to all those who can't reserve a few hours per week regularly for language tuition and need to make rapid progress in mastering a new language. 120 lessons is enough to make a man speak! I had to learn German and I can truly say that Berlitz was a great help to this end. The most important factor is, of course, the effectiveness of the Berlitz method and tuition and the students' satisfaction with the quality of tuition and the tutors' approach. All these aspects would be valued very highly. The atmosphere in the courses, which is friendly, relaxed and, on the other hand, motivating and encouraging for speaking a foreign language, is also of great importance. A tutor induces it with his approach, selected themes, the structure of lessons, variations in his teaching methods, but also with his humane approach and adaptability to the current state of facts and the Berlitz structure. The tutor assesses individually the specific progress of students in many different areas, thus providing every student with an important feedback. The feeling of freedom arises from the adaptation to the tutors' pronunciation, improved self-confidence in communication and in general from experience gained in the course.